How private investment can help clean up the world’s water problems - BlueBay Asset Management

Clean water and improved sanitation are vital for sustainable development. Impact investing can meet the challenge of providing them and bring long-term returns.

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... Water. It’s essential to life on Earth, yet we treat it so carelessly – the problem will only grow, particularly in the developing world, as we face the challenges of pollution, climate change, population increase and industrialisation.

Yet with its increased focus on sustainability and impact, there is an opportunity for the investment industry to assist in improving the supply of clean and plentiful water to the billions who lack it at present.

There can be no doubting the urgency of the task. The goal of clean water and sanitation is not only enshrined in the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs), but is also crucial to many of the other SDGs, such as good health and wellbeing, high-quality education, and responsible consumption and production.

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