An update on our ESG scores - Franklin Templeton

Can the impact of COVID-19 be lessened by weak health and economic measures? Templeton Global Macro Views highlights six country case studies.

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... Since early 2018, Templeton Global Macro has released updates of its ESG research and scores every six months. These recurring updates specifically contain current scores by country, as well as projected scores and a set of brief case studies. A recap of TGM’s philosophy and scoring process is also included, along with a review of any refinements in their methodology. 

In this October 2020 publication, they specifically provide updated ESG scores for 57 countries, along with brief case studies for Indonesia, Brazil, Nigeria, Venezuela, Hungary and Poland. The update also includes a section on the impact of COVID-19 on ESG scores, as well as look-back assessments of the accuracy of our ESG projections from previous years. Finally, we also take a look at how directional trends in ESG have aligned with actual investment performance over the years.

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