Could you be a case study for the Pensions Policy Institute?

The institute would like to profile three DC pension plans as part of its research.

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The majority of UK DC pension scheme Assets Under Management are invested in equities and bonds despite the potential benefits associated with DC scheme investment in illiquids and alternative assets.  This is because of cost, operational, governance and regulatory barriers which prevent some DC schemes from exploring these investment options.  

The independent Pensions Policy Institute is conducting research on the barriers to DC scheme investment in illiquids and alternatives and how they may be overcome.  The PPI is hoping to include, as part of the final report, three or more short case studies of DC schemes who have or are thinking of investing in illiquids and alternatives, their reasons for doing so, expected benefits and how barriers were overcome.  The intention of the case studies is to illustrate how this type of investment can be pursued by DC schemes.  All participants will be involved in reviewing the write ups of the case studies and case studies will not be published without permission of participants. 

Participants could be scheme managers, trustees, providers, asset managers, advisors or any other individual/organisation involved with DC scheme investment decision-making.

If you think that you might be able to help provide a case study please contact Daniela Silcock at [email protected], or 020 7848 4404.

Participants will be thanked in the report and invited to attend the PPI launch seminar which provides networking opportunities with influencers from Government, industry, trade bodies, unions and charities.

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