TCFD reporting one year on – Cameron Turner

A review of the Q4 2022 Paris Alignment Forum quarterly all-stakeholder online event discussion with The Pensions Regulator and the Local Government Pensions Scheme Advisory Board.

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At a Paris Alignment Forum discussion in November, Pensions for Purpose heard from Brendan Walshe of The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and Jeremy Hughes of the Local Government Pensions Scheme Advisory Board (SAB) on TCFD reporting, one year on from the first round of regulatory reports being submitted from large corporate pension schemes.

This blog summarises the key insights shared by the speakers and the questions that were raised. It touches on how funds should approach the reporting process and how they should communicate their approach, so as to be transparent and avoid public scrutiny. Brendan Walshe also highlighted the work that TPR has done to help the industry with their reporting process. (For the video please click here.)

It is worth mentioning that the speakers recognised that the role of the pension fund is limited in climate action. Pension funds are, nonetheless, a significant player in pushing for the alignment of all stakeholders on the road to net-zero.

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