Paris Alignment Forum – quarterly newsletter, Q4 2022

The importance of progress.

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... The Paris Alignment Forum was launched in April 2021. 18 months on, it can seem as if we are making slow progress. Yet looking back, we have had some informed debates. Hopefully these have helped pension funds gain clarity on how to progress their net zero journeys. These debates have included: using the IIGCC’s net zero framework; how pension funds may align to the Transition Pathway Initiative; the DWP’s consultation on climate metrics; the TNFD framework and why we need to focus on biodiversity when considering our investment approach, and a discussion about climate resilience and adaptation. Most recently, we considered the TCFD reporting experiences of larger pension funds and we are planning next quarter’s debate around the just transition framework developed by the Impact Investing Institute.

Progress is important for us all; it is only by pushing for progress that we will ensure a sustainable world into which we will ultimately retire.

Karen Shackleton, Lead, Paris Alignment Forum

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