Impact Investing Adopters Forum - quarterly newsletter, Q3 2022

Fiduciary duty is no barrier to impact investing.

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... We continue to see evidence and action on impact investing that demonstrates fiduciary duty is no barrier to impact investing. In fact, a poll conducted at a recent London CIV event both Karen Shackleton and I spoke at showed over 80% of participants felt it was ‘possible to balance fiduciary duties and risk exposures while pivoting towards strategies that can have a positive measurable impact’. Certainly the court of opinion is shifting, but this is not stopping us, along with our partner the Impact Investing Institute, in tackling the elephant in the room and making sure this understanding is universal. We seek to better understand these changes through our review of the evidence from investment consultant and fiduciary manager Adopters of the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions – evidence that we will share at our next IIAF all stakeholder event. This is a journey that I hope you will all follow and support.

Charlotte O'Leary, Lead, Impact Investing Adopters Forum

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