How is the climate energency driving investment strategy and what does a good impact solution look like? - Pensions for Purpose

Pensions for Purpose’s quarterly asset owner event for the Impact Investing Adopters Forum, sponsored by Tikehau Capital.

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Pensions for Purpose runs a quarterly cycle of events for members of the Impact Investing Adopters Forum (IIAF).  Asset owner events are exclusively for asset owners such as pension funds, trustees, in-house teams and company sponsors of corporate pensions. They provide a unique opportunity for peer-to-peer discussion and knowledge sharing.

In this event Graham Cook, CIO of the Environment Agency Pension Fund (EAPF), part of the Brunel Pension Partnership pool, was joined by Simon Males of private markets impact manager Tikehau Capital in a ‘fireside chat’ to talk about his Fund’s climate policy, how objectives at EAPF are set and how the portfolio is managed. Graham also discussed what he believes makes a good impact strategy.

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