How the war in Ukraine underscores the need for a more secure food future – Rize ETF

Ukraine is one of the breadbaskets of the world, and there is only five.

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... One of the things investors are very good at is diversification. It’s drilled into them very early on in their investment careers. But diversification is not something the global system of production is very good at. Or set up for.

Over the last 30 years, in our relentless pursuit of globalisation, we somehow managed to abandon our own need for independence and self-resiliency in a bid for more centralised systems of production. We got hyper-efficiency, cost reductions and comparative advantages. But we didn’t diversify. And now, in the midst of a War, we are faced with the unprecedented consequences of these short-term maximalist decisions.

Not only is our energy sector scrambling to deal with the consequences of energy supply weaponisation by Vladimir Putin by veering to the US to fill supply gap shortages resulting from Russia’s de-platforming, but we are also seeing a disruption in food.

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