Key insights from our climate science training event - Paris Alignment Forum - Mike Rogers

This blog by Mike Rogers is part of a weekly series from the Pensions for Purpose team.

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The Paris Alignment Forum is an industry-wide member forum hosted by Pensions for Purpose to facilitate meaningful industry discussions on how to achieve Paris Alignment or net zero in pension fund portfolios.  It is free and open to all.  A key role of the forum to give members access to high quality training led by climate change practitioners and others in the industry.  These online events are open to asset owners and advisors and are limited to a maximum of 15 attendees to ensure that the training is targeted and focussed.

The Paris Alignment Forum hosted its first training session on 26 April and was oversubscribed.  A second, repeat session will be run on 24 May.  Click here if you would like to register.

In this blog, Mike shares some of the key insights from the first training session.

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