When it comes to mandates like ESG, it's all about control - Russell Investments

First and foremost, you'd better know what you own.

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... Imagine you’re responsible for the investments of a huge portfolio — one that is under intense public scrutiny. Perhaps it’s the pension scheme of a big consumer brand — and the current pressures of socially responsible investing are putting your portfolio in the brand bullseye.

How do you manage such a portfolio, in light of today’s public pressures? And the temperature of hot issues changes constantly, so what about tomorrow's areas of scrutiny? You've spent your institutional-investing career focused on intense performance goals. But now you’re supposed to balance Environmental, Social and Governance ( ESG ) and other mandates as well, and still keep performance and risk controls intact? How? And how do you do all this without increasing the cost of ownership?

First and foremost, you’d better know what you own.

Date of publication: August 2019

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