It may be a cliché but it is true: prevention is better than a cure - Ty Lee, WHEB

Ty Lee of WHEB discusses how prevention is better than cure and explores the issue through fungi and frogs.

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Ty Lee recently went to a talk titled ‘Fantastic yeasts and where to find them’ by Professor Matthew Fisher of Imperial College London. It was part of the first ever Great Exhibition Road Festival in London. As it was a science festival, he expected to learn how yeasts can be used in scientific discovery and various applications. Yet, the talk started with an apocalyptic description of the situation in the frog world. A fatal infectious disease called chytridiomycosis has been decimating frog populations across the globe. The disease was caused by chytrid fungi and first discovered in 1993. Scientists have warned of risk of mass extinction as the fungi have spread across Australia, Europe and the Americas.

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