Defined contribution? Why not defeat climate change?

A millennial's view of climate change and DC pensions - Matthew Shackleton, Durham University, shares his thoughts.

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... Young professionals today will need to rely on the success of their defined contribution pension scheme when they eventually retire. Matthew Shackleton is a final year student at Durham University, about to enter the job market, who faces a career spanning 50 years. We read in the press that millennials are showing a much greater interest in impact investment than those who are soon to retire, but what exactly is it, about such investments, that young professionals find so appealing? 

In this blog piece, Matthew considers climate change and renewable energy investments, and why these might be attractive and suitable investments for his DC pension fund. He argues that it is imperative for today's young workers to invest in new energy sources for the future because it is likely that the end of global fossil fuels will occur during their working lifetime. 

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