Place-Based Impact Investing Forum

The Place-Based Impact Investing (PBII) Forum is a forum hosted by Pensions for Purpose and co-managed with The Good Economy and the Impact Investing Institute. Its purpose is to facilitate action-oriented discussions on how to scale up institutional investment that delivers local and regional social, economic and environmental impact. This builds on research undertaken by The Good Economy, The Impact Investing Institute and Pensions for Purpose in the report: "Scaling up institutional investment for place-based impact", published in May 2021.

The forum operates on a quarterly cycle of:

  • Keynote presentations followed by small group breakout discussions
  • Training opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer meetings for pension funds and other asset owners to share experiences, discuss challenges and learn from other asset owners
  • Opportunities to connect with experts in the PBII pillars of housing, SME finance, clean energy, infrastructure and regeneration investment
  • Signposting to relevant content on our platform
  • Afternoon tea discussions relevant to this agenda
  • Quarterly newsletters with relevant updates and information
We signpost to relevant thought leadership content on our platform using the tag Place-based impact. You can read all relevant articles on this important agenda by clicking here. Educational material can also be found on the Impact Investing Institute's knowledge hub here.  

To join the forum and receive information about future events, please email Charlotte O'Leary - [email protected]

Forthcoming Events:

6 December 2021 - Online Afternoon Tea discussion - Impact investing in UK housing - Man Group.  Please join us at 2.30 p.m. for an afternoon tea with Man Group on impact investing in UK housing. For more information see here or register to attend here (open to asset owners, consultants, government representatives, lawyers and independent trustees/advisers).


"Pensions for Purpose is at the cutting edge of developments in the ESG area, sponsoring high quality, cross-party discussion." Delegate, all stakeholder event.

"The forum facilitates discussion between a wide range ot stakeholders leading to implementation of place based investment." Delegate, all stakeholder event.

"The forum is packed with values aligned impact innovators." Delegate, all stakeholder event.

Past events where recordings or slides have been shared:

15 November 2021 - All stakeholder event - Place-Based Impact Investing Forum launch event - The time for place. 
In this online discussion, we discussed the key challenges, barriers and solutions to creating lasting action-orientated change through place-based investing. For more information about the event, please click here, or you can read a write-up of the discussion here

Forum sponsors: 

We are grateful to our forum sponsors for supporting this work (event sponsors also appear at the bottom of the page):
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What is Place-Based Impact Investing? 

Investments made with the intention to yield appropriate risk-adjusted financial returns as well as positive local impact, with a focus on addressing the needs of specific places to enhance local economic resilience, prosperity and sustainable development.

Place Based Impact Investing brings together places and investors around five ‘pillars’, underpinned by a solid social and financial rationale for investing:

We recommend five areas for action to scale up PBII:


Membership of the forum is free of charge, although there are sponsorship opportunities for those wishing to lead on this important debate, including:
  • Sponsorship of the forum: £9,000 per annum plus VAT. Multiple sponsors permitted. Sponsor’s logo and a link to their website will appear on the main forum page and in every quarterly newsletter. Sponsor can act as a moderator in the breakout room discussions. Sponsor will be invited to write a comment in the quarterly newsletter. Relevant events offered by the sponsor will also be featured in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Sponsorship of training opportunities: £3,500 plus VAT per session. Sponsor’s logo will appear on the event invitation and in the quarterly newsletter. Social media to advertise the training (subject to preferences). Sponsor will provide the training session with branded material. Pensions for Purpose will introduce the session and moderate Q&A.
  • Sponsorship of afternoon teas: £3,500 plus VAT per session. Sponsor’s logo will appear on the event invitation and in the quarterly newsletter. Social media to advertise the event (subject to sponsor's media preferences). Opportunity for two speakers to frame the discussion. Pensions for Purpose will introduce the session and moderate Q&A.

Please note that sponsorship is payable in advance. Forum sponsorship is payable quarterly in advance.

Previous events:

15 November 2021 - Place-Based Impact Investing Forum launch event - The Time for Place. 
This was our first quarterly all-stakeholder virtual event which set out the vision for institutional capital deployment in investment solutions based on place according to economic, social and environmental need. For more information see here

Sponsors of our events

Man Group

People and Events
6 December 2021 - Place-Based Impact Investing Forum - 2.30pm-3.30pm GMT…

Please join us at 2.30pm GMT for an Afternoon Tea with Man Group on impact investing in UK housing.

People and Events
15 November 2021 - Place-Based Impact Investing Forum launch event - The…

This all stakeholder event featured an introduction from The Good Economy, followed by a panel discussion including Callum Stewart - Hymans Robertson, Charlotte O'Leary - Pensions for Purpose, George Graham…

People and Events
20 October 2021 - Investing in place: an asset owner discussion - Impact…

At this asset-owner only discussion, Karen Shackleton (Chair and Founder, Pensions for Purpose) was joined by Debbie Fielder (Clwyd Pension Fund) to discuss her experience of investing in place.

Pensions for Purpose’s launch event for the Place-Based Impact Investing…

What is Place-Based Impact Investing? Who are the different stakeholders in the investment chain? What are the challenges and solutions to investing in places to achieve economic, social and environmental…

Thought Leadership
Renewable infrastructure as an asset class - Natixis Investment Managers…

The renewable energy production infrastructure sector offers investment opportunities with a good risk-return ratio, while participating in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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World's first gender lens social impact property fund publishes social…

Louise Swinden, Property Fund Development Manager at Resonance, writes about the publication of the Women in Safe Homes fund’s first social impact report 2020-21.