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We are grateful to our forum sponsors for supporting this work (event sponsors also appear at the bottom of the page)

The Paris Alignment Forum
is an industry-wide member forum hosted by Pensions for Purpose to facilitate meaningful industry discussions on how to achieve Paris Alignment or net zero in pension fund portfolios.

The forum operates on a quarterly cycle of:

  • Keynote presentations followed by small group breakout discussions
  • Training opportunities
  • Peer-to-peer meetings for pension funds and other asset owners to share experiences, discuss challenges and learn from other asset owners
  • Opportunities to connect with climate action experts
  • Signposting to relevant content on our platform
  • Afternoon tea discussions relevant to this agenda
  • Quarterly newsletters with relevant updates and information
Our latest quarterly newsletter will be published soon, with links to register for forthcoming events. 

We signpost to relevant thought leadership content on our platform using a 'Paris Alignment Forum' tag. You can read all relevant articles on this important agenda by clicking here.

You can also see all our forthcoming events here


"Pension for Purpose continues to deliver the initiatives and events that bring all stakeholders together for engaging debate forward-thinking discussion on how pension funds can structure their portfolios to accelerate the transition to achieve net zero."
Delegate - all stakeholder discussion.

"A very informative and practical training programme that every asset owner would benefit from attending." Delegate - training session.

"A thought-provoking session on the most important topic for our industry - perfectly organised and thoughtfully run as always. Thank you!" 
Delegate - all stakeholder discussion.

"If you need any more evidence that now is the time time for climate action in private financial markets, then this forum presenter laid it out for you in clear, compelling and systematic arguments. Thank you Pensions for Purpose Paris Alignment Forum for hosting this presentation for leaders in the impact investment movement."
Delegate - afternoon tea discussion.

"Great session with a small well formed group of asset owners, allowing for great discussion and knowledge sharing."
Delegate - asset owner only event. 


Membership of the forum is free of charge, although there are sponsorship opportunities for those wishing to lead on this important debate, including:
  • Sponsorship of the forum: £9,000 per annum plus VAT. Multiple sponsors permitted. Sponsor’s logo and a link to their website will appear on the main forum page and in every quarterly newsletter. Sponsor can act as a moderator in the breakout room discussions. Sponsor will be invited to write a comment in the quarterly newsletter. Relevant events offered by the sponsor will also be featured in the quarterly newsletter.
  • Sponsorship of training opportunities: £4,000 plus VAT per session. Sponsor’s logo will appear on the event invitation and in the quarterly newsletter. Social media to advertise the training (subject to preferences). Sponsor will provide the training session with branded material. Pensions for Purpose will introduce the session and moderate Q&A.
  • Sponsorship of afternoon tea/morning coffee: £5,000 plus VAT per session (virtual). Sponsor’s logo will appear on the event invitation and in the quarterly newsletter. Social media to advertise the event (subject to sponsor's media preferences). Opportunity for two speakers to frame the discussion. Pensions for Purpose will introduce the session and moderate Q&A.

Discounts are available for Influencers with Premium membership (for more information please email Charlotte O'Leary). Please note that sponsorship is payable in advance. 

To join the Forum please investigate our membership options here. For more information please email Karen Shackleton.

Past events from last quarter where recordings or slides have been shared:

28 March 2022 - Morning Coffee Discusion - Climate benchmarks – are they appropriate for an active mandate? Baillie Gifford. The key insights from Pensions for Purpose's industry insights paper on climate indices were followed by a fireside chat with Tim Gooding of Baillie Gifford discussing why they decided to shift to a climate index. To see Karen's slides click here and follow the 'Learn more here' button.

1 December 2021 - Afternoon Tea Discussion - Is it possible to construct a Paris Aligned portfolio in the real world? Natixis Investment Managers. At this event we discussed what it means to construct a real world Paris Aligned portfolio.  It is well known that it is possible to hold a net zero portfolio right now but that does little to contribute to real world economic transition.  What can asset owners do to do more? To watch a video of the keynote talk, click here

26 November 2021 - All Member Event - DWP climate and investment reporting consultation. Our all stakeholder discussion where we discussed the DWP's latest consultation 'Climate and investment reporting: setting expectations and empowering savers'. For more information and to access the slides, please click here. A write-up of the session is available here.  

9 November 2021 - Afternoon Tea Discussion - Implementing net zero alignment in investment grade credit portfolios – Invesco Asset Management. In this online discussation, we debated the exposures to climate change in buy-and -maintain credit portfolios, and the fiduciary duty to manage these risks.  For more information, please click here, or watch a recording of the presentation here (professional investors only).

25 October 2021 - Asset Owner Only Event - Climate Change and pension schemes – there’s a price to pay! This Chatham House event featured Jessie Wilson, Dalriada Trustees as our guest speaker, discussing the costs of investing in a climate aware manner. If climate change is “a code red for humanity” and a financially material risk for Trustees – shouldn’t the costs be spread more fairly through the financial chain? For information about that event, click here.

18 October 2021 - Training - Carbon data and measurement explained - Natixis/Mirova. Confused by carbon data and measurement? What’s the reality and what’s the myth? This training session was an explanation of carbon data and measurement. For more information click here

12 October 2021 - Morning Coffee Discussion - Investing for net zero? Direct investment into new clean technologies is an imperative to get us there - CGF.
Watch a recording of the keynote presentation here

8 October 2021 - Morning Coffee Discussion - The case for Implied Temperature Rise metrics in a diversified, global equity portfolio - Fulcrum Asset Management.
 An interactive roundtable discussion on 'The case for Implied Temperature Rise metrics in a diversified, global equity portfolio'. Watch a recording of the keynote presentation here.

7 October 2021 - Training - Renewable energy and energy transition technologies explained - Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners. A training session where renewable energy and energy transition technologies will be explained. Slides shared here.  

Sponsors of our events

Acadian Asset Management

Aviva Investors

Baillie Gifford Positive Change Team

BMO Global Asset Management

Clean Growth Fund (CGF)

Federated Hermes

Fulcrum Asset Management


Jupiter Asset Management

Natixis Investment Managers

Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners

People and Events
8 June 2022 – 10:30-11:30 BST – Paris Alignment Forum online morning coffee…

How private capital can be mobilised to build back nature and level up our environment.

People and Events
24 May 2022 – 09:30-11:00 BST – Paris Alignment Forum all-stakeholder online…

Biodiversity and climate action: why does biodiversity matter, and how can nature-related financial disclosures help?

People and Events
23 May 2022 – 10:30-11:30 BST – Joint Impact Investing Adopters Forum and…

Using ESG factors to drive strategy within high yield as part of a climate action approach.

People and Events
16 May 2022 – Paris Alignment Forum online training with Natixis Investment…

Carbon credits

People and Events
3 May 2022 – Paris Alignment Forum asset owner event with Redington and…

Setting the right net zero target and making practical first steps on the journey

People and Events
26 April 2022 – Joint Paris Alignment Forum and Place-Based Impact Investing…

Decarbonising the UK power system by 2035 – an investment opportunity combining net zero and local impact.

Thought Leadership
How regenerative agriculture can sow the seeds of change – Federated Hermes

In the fifth article in Federated Hermes' EOS Insights series on the social and environmental impacts of the global food system, Sarah Swartz explores the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Thought Leadership
Carbone sans frontières: action on carbon leakage – Jupiter Asset Management

In an article that first appeared in ESG Clarity, Abbie Llewellyn-Waters and Freddie Woolfe discuss the importance of internalising decarbonisation into stock analysis.

Climate action, investment, TCFD and stewardship – a corporate pension…

The Paris Alignment Forum runs a series of asset-owner events exclusively for pension funds and other asset owners. This write up describes a conversation between forum sponsor Redington and HSBC Pension…

Thought Leadership
Hope for net zero – Aviva Investors

Systemic change is rarely linear.

Thought Leadership
Achieving net zero: the path to a carbon-neutral world – J.P. Morgan Asset…

War in Europe has turbocharged the net-zero agenda. Investors need to be prepared for the risks and opportunities on the path to a carbon-neutral world.

Thought Leadership
Impact private lending at a glance – Redington

A summary of the impact private lending universe.