Impact Investing Adopters Forum

The Impact Investing Adopters Forum is a member forum of pension funds, investment consultants and fiduciary managers at the forefront of sustainable finance. Adopters have committed to the Impact Investing Institute’s Impact Investing Principles – and advancing the impact investing agenda. The Forum is run by Pensions for Purpose in partnership with the Impact Investing Institute to advance the Principles, share best practice and encourage more pension funds to invest with a positive social and environmental impact.

Members of the forum benefit from the following:

  • A unique peer network where members can share experiences in pursuing impact investing
  • Being at the forefront of a growing area of investment opportunities
  • A quarterly newsletter
  • Invitations to quarterly events
  • Case study and research material
  • Entry into the Impact Investing Adopters Award which will be presented at Pensions for Purpose's Annual Awards event  

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What are the Impact Investing Principles?

Many pensions schemes want to reduce negative impacts and risks like carbon emissions, biodiversity loss, poor governance and inequality that arise from and impact their portfolio. Going one step further, more and more pension funds are interested in investment opportunities that have a positive impact on the environment and society but which also secure a competitive financial return.

The Principles provide an accessible introduction to impact investing and the concrete steps pension schemes can take to pursue an impact investing strategy, as well as helpful further resources. They were designed, in consultation with leading practitioners and with input from key stakeholders (pension funds, investment consultants and managers as well as member associations), to address the growing need for best practice guidelines on how to set, implement, review and measure an impact strategy. The Principles represent a dynamic template given that impact investing is an evolving area, and they will be updated based on what we learn and develop from the Forum as well as other initiatives and partnerships.

Detailed information on the Principles and the work of the Impact Investing Institute can be found here:
Pensions with impact - Impact Investing Institute

In summary, the Impact Investing Principles are:

Impact Investing Institute

What commitments do Adopters have to make?

Pension funds and investment consultants / fiduciary managers who become adopters are required to sign up to a set of commitment statements in relation to the Principles. They must demonstrate action in at least one area within six months of adopting the Principles and recommit on an annual basis.

Adopter’s statement for investment consultants and fiduciary managers

Adopter’s statement for pension funds

Become a Supporter

You can become a supporter if you are an industry body or an organisation that works with pensions and would like to support our Principles.

Supporter's statement

Pension Scheme Adopters

Clwyd Pension Fund

South Yorkshire Pensions Authority

Surrey Pension Fund

Investment Consultant and Fiduciary Manager Adopters


Barnett Waddingham

Gordian Advice


Kempen Capital Management


XPS Investment

XPS Investment

Responsible investing is core to our advice to clients as we believe it forms the basis of good investment decision making. Going further however, pension scheme trustees are increasingly looking to pursue positive impact whilst generating financial returns. Investing with the intention to contribute towards alleviating global social and environmental challenges is key to a future that members can retire into and we are keen to support pension schemes on this journey. We endorse and welcome the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions which set out a much-needed framework with practical steps in the evolving area of impact investing.


Organisations that want to demonstrate endorsement of the Principles and which will actively promote the Principles among their members/network

Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group

The Global Steering Group for Impact Investment (GSG)

The Investor Forum

The Investor Forum
  • We support the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions and will use our voice to promote and amplify the importance of the principles to our Members.
  • We will encourage our Members to participate in, and report on, projects and engagement activity that can deliver impact.
  • We will demonstrate the impact of what we do each year in The Investor Forum Annual Review.

World Benchmarking Alliance

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People and Events
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This hour long training session at 2.30pm was hosted by Karen Shackleton who provided an ‘Introduction to Impact Investing’.

People and Events
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