Martin Pattinson
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Martin Pattinson
Director and Place-Based Impact Investing Forum Lead

After over 40 years in property, banking, asset management and consulting to small and medium-sized enterprises, I took a step back in 2021, thought long and hard about the work I would like to do over the next few years while in my 60s and if I am able to into my 70s.

I want to continue to enjoy a lifestyle with my family and friends at the heart and follow my interests and passions. But I also want to stay engaged and to help, support and contribute to something I firmly believe in.

I looked back to my time in the pensions industry and felt that was where my true sense of worth belonged.

Fortunately, Karen, Charlotte and the team at Pensions for Purpose welcomed me, we have carved out a role that resonates with me and my beliefs. I feel lucky to be engaging with the marketplace again, to re-acquaint myself with colleagues from the past, to offer the services that we offer to our stakeholders at Pensions for Purpose, where we influence the agenda around impact investment.