Stephanie Windsor
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Stephanie Windsor

I grew up on a London estate and although I was lucky enough to have a stable family, enjoy school and spend a lot of time outdoors, I knew plenty of people who had a different experience, which is where my interest in psychology, social issues, and the interaction between mental health and nature started. 

I landed in the City in my mid-20s, and found the pace and pragmatism really suited me. I went on to complete a psychology MSc but ultimately never left institutional investment, instead helping set up a small asset manager, then freelancing for other boutiques I believed in. 

I’d worked with Karen on different projects for many years so when she asked me to help her launch Pensions for Purpose I jumped at the chance. I’ve been so excited by the way Pensions for Purpose has grown since inception. It’s fantastic to have the opportunity to build a flexible and innovative business and is proof it’s possible to combine your skills and interests to positive effect!