Richard Giles
Senior Director & Community Lead

Having raised £750,000 to build an all-weather football pitch for my local community, my first real-life brush with the impact of climate change came when the pitch flooded four times in five years. This was an area that had not flooded in the last 50 years. This had a significant impact on the 700 individuals using the pitch, although of course, nothing compared to the impact of climate change on people around the world, who are displaced or have their livelihoods ripped apart. The football club also provides the inspiration for my second passion, providing opportunities to develop life skills for young people. Planet and people has became where I want to spend my time and energy.

The financial system is changing. Companies are increasingly becoming purpose-led and investors want impact as well as return. This is a necessary evolution to a better form of capitalism, where the goal is to create a flourishing planet and fulfill people and communities. I am pleased to play my part in this change with Pensions For Purpose.