Amanda Evans
Content & Marketing Manager

Creativity runs in my family and from early childhood I always had a paint brush in my hand. At school I retreated to the art room to use the new screen-printing bed, at every opportunity, I then went on to art school.

My career in print began in 1990s, as an art and picture editor, working on B2B health magazines. As a result of mixing with journalists, the news began to captivate me too, as I discussed the latest scoop with the news team after work.

Landscaping the garden of my old two-up two-down, seeded my passion for plants. Spending time in nature is integral to my life – gardening rejuvenates me, as does reading good fiction.

But, freelancing at Prospect Union while I was brought up my three children was transformative, and I saw first-hand how the world could be changed for the better.

My role at Pensions for Purpose covers so many of my interests from social justice, and green issues to helping others. I continue to be surprised when my peers express how they wish they could work in such a rewarding space too.